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Welcome to our Universe by Iduna-Haya

First, of all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PICTURE! I can't seem to find anything wrong with this picture, which is a good thing. I'm not a ...

Brighter than the moon by Slavky
by Slavky

Oh man, where do I start. First, of all, I have to say I love your unique style, especially on the tree. I really love the use of lines...

Tainted Love by AnAspieInPoland

Very gorgeous for a beginner. The viewer can really see the affection between these two, however it is hard to see what the background ...

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I've sunk into another fandom. Get dunked on.


[ ] You care deeply about others.

[ ] You can easily forgive people.

[ ] You are constantly nice to everyone around you.

[ ] You're a very social person.


[X] You like Cinnamon and/or Butterscotch.

[ ] Weapons are not your thing.

[X]You like the aspect of time-travel.

[ ] You hate flowers, especially talking ones.

[ ] You hate having to do bad things. 

Total: 3


[X] You don't care at all about others.

[ ] You show no mercy.

[ ] You are constantly mean to everyone around you.

[X] You're a shut-in.

[x] You are DETERMINED.

[X] You like demons. Bill Cipher blush kawai eye Bill Cipher hehehe gravity falls bill cipher intensifies Bill Cipher Nice to meet ya Bill Cipher GIF Bill Cipher 

[ ]  Weapons are totally your thing. 

[X]You like the aspect of time-travel.

[X] You hate flowers, but you can respect them.

[ ] You love to do bad things.

Total: 6


[ ] You are kind of a freaking jerk.

[X] You have dark views of the world 

[ ] You look pretty cute, but you are actually ruthless and will hurt someone if necessary. 

[X] You sometimes don't understand people's emotions.

[ ] You like making people feel guilty. 

[ ] You enjoy hanging out in caves. (Who does that?)

[ ] You like to surprise people.

[ ] You like to have power. All the power.

[ ] You'll do anything to get on top.

[X] You tend to disturb people.

Total: 3


[ ] You are a talented cook.

[ ] You are willing to give up anything to save a few simple souls.

[ ] You live near or in a cave.

[ ] You have a fascination in magic.

[X] Fighting isn't your thing, but if you wanted to, you could really hurt someone.

[ ] You are incredibly over-protective.

[ ] You underestimate people sometimes.

[ ] You'd make a great caretaker.

[ ] You tend to not be an active force, but rather a passive.

[ ] You like to give knowledge.

Total: 1


[X] You're a prankster.

[X] You enjoy bad puns.

[ ] You care deeply about your family, even if you don't always show it. (HAH HAH, that's funny)

[ ] You're always willing to help those in need.

[X] You're a bit of a slacker.

[X] You're fascinated by time lines, multiple universes, things like that.

[ ] You can go from lovable to bad-ass in nearly a second.

[ ] You work a lot of jobs.

[X] The place you normally take people to meet up is a restaurant. (That's the only way you'll get me out of the house The lazy bones Sans Icon )

[X] You know more than you let on

Total: 6


[ ] You enjoy cooking.

[ ] You think you're pretty freaking awesome, but in all honesty, you're not.

[X] You strive for greatness.

[X] You don't have very high standards.

[ ] You tend to yell a lot.

[ ] You put work in front of others.

[X] You get angry when things aren't being accomplished. (Who doesn't hate it when people don't get shit done?)

[ ] You are not very observant.

[ ] You hope to achieve respect.

[X] You are inexperienced at dating.

Total: 4


[ ] You have a lot of power.

[ ] You believe heavily in justice.

[X] You're the type to hold a grudge.

[X] You are a skilled fighter. Karate 

[ ] You are extremely confident.

[ ] People look up to you.

[ ] You think spears are cool.

[X] You put your friends before anything else.

[X] You can be a nice person, if whoever you're with is on your good side.

[X] You're reasonably determined.

Total: 5


[ ] You like science.

[X] You have a skill for creating things.

[ ] You are obsessed with another culture. 

[ ] You are a bit of a shut-in, not because you want to be.

[X] You s-stutter a, um, lot.

[X] You like anime.

[ ] You have a bit of a low self-esteem.

[X] You'll do anything for a friend.

[X] You are fascinated by time travel.

[ ] You have some secret crushes. 

Total: 5


[ ] You don't want to hurt anyone or anything.

[ ] You sometimes let your rage block out your judgment.

[ ] You enjoy gardening.


[X] You are willing to fight for the people you love and care about.

[ ] You've lost multiple loved ones. 

[X] You're strong, even if you don't use your strength to much.

[X] You tend to be pretty quiet.

[ ] if you want to, you can look totally awesome.

[ ] People tend to look up to you as a leader.

Total: 4

I'm both Sans and Chara.
I feel like there's something very wrong with that.
At least I still have my Char-isma. Free Undertale Sans Headbob Icon 1  


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Grismalice's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
~He/Him | Uninterested | Leo~

Hello there to all those who view my page and watch me. I'm glad you were interested enough to click on my icon and click the big W. I have a lot of stamps on this page, but eh, people like to view that stuff - makes them feel closer to the artist, I guess. I'm a self-taught artist who mainly draws horror (creepypasta) and sometimes gore. It's usually with my own characters since I have a close connection to them. Every so often I'll draw something from Disney and Nintendo. My name may be dark, but that doesn't mean everything I draw is.

I'm also a person who enjoys writing. So far, I've been working on Patches the Rabbit: Unraveling Seams and the Hound Jacker with a few creepypasta characters I've been developing off on the side. You can check them out in my gallery ^^

I'm a also a very busy person whenever it's not summer due to my college studies, however and if you see me inactive for a while, it doesn't mean I'm gone. It's hard to get to private art when you're a full-time student. Another reason for my busy schedule is that I'm the director of a creepypasta animation team that's in the works - doing three things at once is never the best thing, is it. I can't tell you about it though. People would never leave me alone about it if I said anything. I want some peace before I have to release it.

I have been diagnosed with Schizoid Personalty Disorder for almost a year, but I'm certainly aware of what I'm doing and how I treat other people online when I have to. I do not plan on going to therapy for it/do not go for it because I'm content with the way I am. You wouldn't know unless you read this segment. It's not much a secret if I tell you, but it is a secret if I don't show my face publicly. Therefore, no one knows who exactly is the person who has it. It's not really anything to keep in mind of since it really doesn't effect anyone else other than me. It doesn't stop me from responding to comments either. I do reply to almost all the comments I get. Respectfully though. Again, it really isn't anything you're going to notice. I just don't want my watchers being disappointed when they want to be friends and whatnot. I don't want to keep up that many friendships at once. Thanks for your understanding. Also, another reason why I have this up here is that I don't want people wondering or asking if I'm okay. People keep thinking I'm upset when I'm not. Please don't ask that anymore. Don't be shy about asking anything else. I don't take skype requests though. Facebook too. It's just a little too personal.

And one more thing, I am FtM, so please refer to me as one if you've been watching me for a while. I know some people might not have realized that yet. ^_^

My Mental Disorder by BakerizeDo Not Judge Stamp by Disdainful-LoniI'm not heartless... by flammingcornPotential stamp by Daakukitsune

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designCanada language 4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design
Ask PComms by EnjoumouFO Gifts by EnjoumouNo Kiribans by EnjoumouAsk Trades by EnjoumouFO Requests by Enjoumou
Grimalkin :heart:
Grimalkin by LovapplesCheshire Cat - FREE ICON - by Herzlose

The White Rabbit: Free avatar by TheDeathOfSenmad hatter icon by Silly-PeachAlice by ichadoggiThere's a rat in my tea by ichadoggiDrink me icon by Silly-Peach

DA Friends (In no particular order):

First person I became friends with on here: :iconoakfur422:
That one guy who draws ponies (Only Neil): :icondrawponies:
My swagalicous home boy: :iconsnuffbomb: Old Chap by Stampedes
The funny, silent type: :iconsteampunkgamer: Ben x Eyeless Jack stamp by FlorOkumura ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
My 'unrelated' sister: :iconmionofdeath:
Secso dick cabbage with a pink cabbagelous sparkling swimsuit: :iconghostfacenikol: Hello? Cabbage? Are You there? by BGSFM
He's on the bottom, but he's one of my closest friends: :iconjjtninja:

Friends are family stamp X3 by LuzbelDestelloFriends Are Family - Stamp by Ami-CatReal Friends Stamp by Mirz123Im a tard with my friends by maxiswhatFriends Stamp by Drake1Online Friends Stamp by AzixelLaughing stamp by AquaQueen27Out loud stamp by AquaQueen27

There. That should make up for the joke stamps I put by some of your names.


Red Death by AngelicHellraiser:iconlettergrey-splz::iconlettergrey-tplz::iconlettergrey-aplz::iconlettergrey-mplz::iconlettergrey-pplz::iconlettergrey-splz:Red Death by AngelicHellraiser

Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221self taught writer by mtoooxVamp romance by jones2000Vampires in love. wat. by Vovina-de-MicalozPussywhipped Canon by genkistampsSelf-Identity by RespeanutCalled characters for a reason by IrkenZar

Gay Stamp by sunbirdsDemisexual Stamp by sunbirdsSTAMP: PRONOUNS - MASCULINE by qnerdiLGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-RoseUse Them Proper Pronouns/Names They've Chosen by endlerA Fluid Spectrum Stamp by Spikytastic846516518 by kitsunekin234980 by kitsunekin

Video Games:

They really do... by lennesteOkami Stamp by ByoWT1125Animal Crossing Love Stamp by smileystampsSuper Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimarikuBowser Jr - Splash Card Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsuneYoshi Stamp by yukidarkfanSheik Stamp by yukidarkfanToon Link Stamp by yukidarkfanLink Stamp by yukidarkfanPikachu Stamp by yukidarkfanSuper Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Villager by LittleYoshi8Shulk - Splash Card Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsuneConker's Bad Fur Day stamp by 5-3-10-4Pikmin Stamp by MandiRi love majora mask stamp by crazysistahsMidna Stamp by UltrathefoxLeroy Jenkins Stamp by Plauge-Ninenintendo wii stamp by kuribohspirit:.STAMP::PIKUMANZ.: by LordOfPastriesADVENTURE PFF STAMP by madelezabethTeam Twili Stamp by IrisHimeTeam Keaton Stamp by IrisHimeStamp - Kafei by Endless-Rainfallsplatoon stamp #2 [splatfest] by the-runaway-joshUndertale by nautikos

Pokemon (Because it holds a special place in my heart):

Mega Charizard X vs Mewtwo by MarlenesstampsNinetails Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsPokemon Keldeo Stamp by KevfinZoroark stamp by ingart15Pokemon Y stamp by ingart15
Zorua stamp by ZoruaLuxray Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsLatios Latias Stamp by KevfinPokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceDarkrai by Cathines-StampsMega Houndoom by MarlenesstampsEating Victini Stamp by SilkyBunnyShaymin Sky Forme Stamp by KevfinNoivern Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsTyrantrum Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsN Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsMightyena Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsEspeon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsUmbreon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsShiny Greninja by MarlenesstampsShiny Aegislash by MarlenesstampsShiny Mega Gengar by Marlenesstamps


kirapotatochipSTAMPAAAH by frozenfragranceL Stamp by ReverieSummonerSword Art Online: Kirito Stamp by The-NutkaseHarry Potter Love Stamp by smileystampsI Heart Studio Ghibli by ZeviLoupGarouDeath The Kid Stamp by dzika-koalaExcalibur Stamp by morfachasDeath Note Stamp by NeyjourStamp - Pandora Hearts by SuxinnAccel World Stamp - 'Haru and Kuroyukihime' by Sakura-Sweet-CherryCoraline Fan Stamp by TheWolfQueenRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzStamp Tokyo Ghoul by IyokaniPabu by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0odarker than black stamp by MariaPereiraOuran Stamp by TenneStampStamp - Deadman Wonderland by SuxinnHappy Tree Friends- Ultimate Stamp by SSplendidSSMarch Hare by ZhuzhkaWonderland Stamp by Leafbreeze7Unbirthday Stamp by Mirz123Largenessss by LukrietzCourage The Cowardly Dog Stamp by Aletheiia90Zim and Bacon Stamp by Zim-Shadyjthm stamp by SabattierSquee stamp by CircusMeatI like JTHM, but... by a-stamp-accountstamp: Grell has a nosebleed by Isi-Daddy-Stamp / Mirai Nikki. by PrettyHappySTAMPSDisney Stamp by StampMakerLKJTim Burton Stamp by StampMakerLKJ


Creepypasta - Eyeless Jack - Stamp by Paolachief117Creepypasta - Smile dog - Stamp by Paolachief117Creepypasta - Ben Drowned - Stamp by Paolachief117Creepypasta - The rake - Stamp by Paolachief117DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!!! by MarysuealertplzNobody cares about your fandom rep by my-little-accountSplendorman Fan Stamp by Unattentive-Teen[Stamp Request] Slenderman by WhiteShadow234Jeff the Killer Stamp by KyoichiiI Support Rainbow Factory Stamp by LunarMarexStamp: MLP Cupcakes Fan V.1 by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69:Five night's at Freddy's: Chica stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantCryaotic fan stamp by serenitywhitewolfMarkiplier Stamp~ by MeganeSnowAnti Jeff the Killer Stamp by SpazzikissterThe CreepyPasta Fandom In A Nutshell.... by XxInfamousWormxXAnti creepypasta x readers by Cageyshick05Creepypasta Stamp by DemonicPandaXI love creepypasta yaoi stamp by Hekkoto:Five night's at Freddy's: Foxy stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantTicci Toby Stamp by Unattentive-TeenStamp Ticci Toby by creeperpezzaLaughing Jack Stamp by SnuffBombRainbow LJ stamp by Caffeine-CoatedJeff X Yinko Stamp by Mx-RobotnikSexualOffenderMan dance support stamp. by Mr-KichiSeven Days by CassidyPetersonTribeTwelve Stamp by Kr3ssidiaStop your harasssment over ships in CP fandom by MarysuealertplzI am against bullying in the Creepypasta fandom by I-am-PrOxY

Ib Stamp by yumacchiMad Father game stamp by zeleftenantMajo no ie stamp by zeleftenantAliceMare Stamp by zeleftenantThe Crooked Man game stamp by zeleftenantCorpse Party Fan by The-Yuri-Canon

The Musics (Not much lol):
Owl City Stamp v2 by DekaffThree Days Grace Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxAviators' stamp (VERSION 2) by BOBBOBISONStamp: The Living Tombstone by TrunswickedVideo Game Music Stamp by Ppeachtit needed to be made by FireAmy


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