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Brighter than the moon by Slavky
by Slavky

Oh man, where do I start. First, of all, I have to say I love your unique style, especially on the tree. I really love the use of lines...

Tainted Love by AnAspieInPoland

Very gorgeous for a beginner. The viewer can really see the affection between these two, however it is hard to see what the background ...

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I've been playing Splatoon since 10 this morning. I've been playing on team cats have have over 30 flags at the moment and get at least 1,300 points per game. At one point I got over 1,800 points. The repetitive Squid Sisters music gets annoying at points, but I'm going to keep it up. I've been fighting some good players and fighting alongside some really good people. Have any of you guys been playing too? What team are you on? (Cats so have this!)

Everyone's been talking about 4th of July? PSHAW, I've got Splatfest. ^^

Also, because of the event, you won't see art from me until tomorrow.
Hni 0048 by Grismalice

I was over at my friend's house and I wanted a Zebra Cake and THIS is what I see. 

Btw, his mother did not want us having more than one until everyone had one, so she put that sign there. We have a tendency for eating everything and not letting anyone else get none. Too bad no one wanted any today. I certainly didn't.

I also killed this ant after the picture.
(Before you say anything, there was actually no one in the house. I'll try to explain what happened the best I can.)

Last night I was ready to go to bed after one like I usually do. However, something set the alarm off and I went quiet for a second, thinking my parents maybe have had tripped it off again by mistake. I didn't want to take the risk, so I grabbed my pocket knife and went for my parent's bedroom only to find my father standing in front of the door with this panicked look on his face. He immediately moved to the side to let me in when he realized it was me coming in. My mother was standing around near the windows when I came in. She didn't say anything to me, she kind of had the same look on her face. The first thing I did was go into the bathroom and crack the door so I could watch and hear what was going on. 

The company called after the alarm went off for about thirty seconds later. My father immediately picked up the phone and went to go check to see if anyone was downstairs. He was unarmed and I didn't hear him get a knife from the drawer (or I just didn't hear it.) I was listening to see if he panicked or anything. Unfortunately, my mother had her ass right at the front of the master bedroom, so I couldn't see past her. I don't know why she thought it was a good idea to stand in such a bad spot, but I wasn't going to risk my life and talk to try and stop her. My father did see her though and told her to get back, so she did. However, she didn't even attempt to lock the door. She just stood there in the room, watching to see if someone was coming upstairs. 

My father had been checking the house for a good long while and I wasn't expecting her to turn around and come to me. I thought she was going to come hide with me....

And what does she do? She wants to go to the bathroom. The damn bathroom while someone could be in the house. I pushed against the door against her force and I told her to get back and be quiet, but she told me to not be rude. Really? In a situation like this? Someone could be in your house, and you're going to go to the fucking toilet? My mother is one of those people who think we live in a safe 'rich' neighborhoods where nothing could happen and she thought she was completely safe after she didn't hear my father panic. That didn't mean anything though. He couldn't have been attacked in the basement and we wouldn't have heard it. 

She would have made more noise if I forced her out the door. I didn't want her to cause more ruckus, so I had to let her in. She wasn't going to lock the door, so I had to for her. The bathroom we have is rather large since it was a master bathroom and we have a long closet. While my mother was in the bathroom, I hid myself inside the closet and locked it. I hid in the far back and had my knife ready in case anything were to happen. If they broke into the bathroom, I would have jumped them while they were focused on my mother. The first thing she did when she came out of the bathroom was start to talk to me and asked why the closet was locked. I didn't bother answering her at this point because I didn't want whoever was in the house to hear me too. I didn't know if this person had a gun or a knife, so I didn't want to take any risks. She finally stopped flapping her damn jaw and just stood in the bathroom.

What felt like around ten minutes later, my father comes up and confirms that no one is in the house. I hid my pocket knife in my shorts pocket and came out of the closet - they never knew I had it on me, so I wasn't going to let them know I did. We'd had large ants running around the house for a while and he told us it was either one of them or a cobweb or something had fallen down. It just gave me another reason to hate those bugs even more. After the alarm had been completely set again, I went back into my room. jfc, hell, I even had a nightmare about people breaking in because of what happened. I can't even begin tell you how glad I am there was nothing wrong. The next time something goes wrong, I know to stay well away from my mother because she can't situations like that seriously. 
Patches the Rabbit: Unraveling Seams (Part 1/3)
1: Patching a New Pal 
The celebration had just begun and the performers were putting on their best show. There were two of them – a black rat and a chocolate-colored hare. They were made of felt and each had two button eyes, two hats total on their rodent heads, and two floppy ears on each side. The hare held a single card on an engraved silver spoon while the rat began to pile up playing cards one by one. The stack got larger and larger, the rat increasing his speed and the stack climbing its way above their heads until the hare decided to fling the collection at the rat. The rat flinched and fell flat on his back as the cards quivered everywhere. The little girl chuckled, twirling her golden locks and giving a plump smile to the two silly dolls on the table. The two gave a quick bow and continued onto their next act.
Her white rabbit shivered in her arms, her dark red pupils dilated. She did not like the two dolls. The little one could sense that there was somethin

I've had this story sitting around for months and I haven't even finished the second part. I'm halfway through the second part, yet I can't seem to get through it. I kind of just start, have trouble of thinking of how to word things or how the characters interact and just end up stopping. I really do want to get back to it. I just need more people to read it. The less that people read it, the less I actually want to work on it. .-. I want to work on it, but I don't at the same time. The plot line is completely done and sadly the story is stuck somewhere in the middle.  If you've recently watched me and haven't read the original pasta and the prequel, I'd read it now.

Also, the prequel isn't creepypasta. It's just a horror story due to the way it is written and it's characters.

The characters being these guys (They're mentioned at the start, so it's not a spoiler):
Rainbow Ribbon by GrismaliceA Rose by Any Other Name by Grismalice
Stolen from :iconaedestir:
[ ] the dark
[X] giving birth
[ ] being myself in front of others
[ ] open spaces
[ ] closed spaces
[X] heights 
[X] dogs (The Hound Jacker is foxlike...don't even start.)
[ ] birds
[ ] fish 
[ ] spiders
[ ] flowers or other plants 
So far: 3

[X] being touched (No touchey the monkey. I don't like hugs.)
[ ] fire
[ ] deep water (It doesn't matter if I'm not swimming in it.)
[ ] snakes (Little sweethearts <3. I need to find the picture of me holding a python when I was 6 years old.)
[ ] silk (What the hell?)
[ ] the ocean 
[ ] failure
[ ] success
[ ] thunder/lightning (It's beautiful.)
[ ] frogs/toads (loveable)
[ ] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad
[ ] boyfriends/girlfriends mom
[ ] rats (I like them too)
[X] jumping from high places
[ ] snow (Not scary, just annoyingly cold.)

So far: 5

[ ] rain (I love that rain tho.)
[ ] wind
[ ] crossing hanging bridges (Never crossed one, so I wouldn't know.)
[ ] death 
[ ] heaven
[ ] being robbed
[X] falling (This applies to heights, so yes.)
[ ] clowns 
[ ] dolls
[X] large crowds of people (I like having my space.)
[ ] men (half of my friends)
[ ] women (The other half of my friends.)
[ ] having great responsibilities
[ ] doctors, including dentists 
[ ] tornadoes (Just stay in the safest place.)
So far: 6

[ ] hurricanes (We don't get those here.)
[ ] incurable diseases  
[ ] sharks (I don't swim in the ocean, so no.)
[ ] Friday the 13th 
[ ] ghosts (I don't see the difference between living people and dead people. If anything, the people that are still alive are more dangerous. Can ghosts carry guns and knives? No? So now tell me what's scarier.)
[ ] poverty
[ ] Halloween
[ ] school
[ ] trains
[ ] odd numbers
[ ] even numbers
[ ] being alone (I spend most of my time alone.)
[ ] becoming blind 
[ ] becoming deaf
[ ] growing up

So far: 6

[ ] creepy noises in the night (only when my dad passes gas in the other room.)
[X] bee stings (Although I have never been stung, having them around me just gives me the frick fracks.)
[ ] not accomplishing my dreams/goals 
[ ] blood 
[ ] dinosaurs (They're opening the door, and getting on the floor.)
[ ] the welcome mat
[ ] high speed 
[ ] throwing up 
[ ] falling in love 
[ ] super secrets

Total: 7

If you wish to post this in your journal, it's been requested that you title it "I'm afraid of __ out of 72 common fears".
If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling 
If you get more than 20, you're paranoid.
If you get 10-20, you are normal.
If you get 10 or less, you're fearless.

I feel bad for the people who are afraid of silk. 
Can I have a cookie?
I've been playing Splatoon since 10 this morning. I've been playing on team cats have have over 30 flags at the moment and get at least 1,300 points per game. At one point I got over 1,800 points. The repetitive Squid Sisters music gets annoying at points, but I'm going to keep it up. I've been fighting some good players and fighting alongside some really good people. Have any of you guys been playing too? What team are you on? (Cats so have this!)

Everyone's been talking about 4th of July? PSHAW, I've got Splatfest. ^^

Also, because of the event, you won't see art from me until tomorrow.


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Schizoid by acid--rainbow but aware of what I'm doing. I'm am a covert, or 'secret schzoid,' and I do not plan on going to therapy for it/do not go for it because I'm content with the way I am. Thanks for your understanding. At least I know how to not act like a complete boring dudball. No one likes a dudball. Gotta be that Goofy Goober.Also, the only reason why I have this up here is that I don't want people wondering or asking if I'm okay. Please don't ask.

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Greetings, all my fellow page viewers and watchers. This unnecessarily large box is where you'll find all the necessary things that you'd want to know about me.

I'm a self-taught artist and am going to college for animation. I'm a hobbyist at drawing realistic traditional art and am at the beginning of learning digital art. Sometimes I'll do photomanipulation, but most of the time I'll stick to digital. I'm also a person who enjoys writing. So far, I've been working on Patches the Rabbit: Unraveling Seams. with a few creepypasta characters I've been developing off on the side.

I'm a very busy person however and if you see me inactive for a while, it doesn't mean I'm gone. I'm a college student. It's hard to get to private art. Another reason for my busy schedule is that I'm the director of a creepypasta animation team that's in the works - doing three things at once is never the best thing, is it. :P

I know my name is Ashley, but please refer to me as a male, thank you

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Hey! Thank you for watching me!
I'm doing something for all my watchers and drawing them one OC or character for them. I'm doing this to thank them for supporting my art.
Here's the journal that states more info or put you OC request.…
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